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CCIE training is the best way to take your career to the pinnacle of the computer networking industry. The training helps individuals get their technical certification so they can secure a network engineering position within the industry. The CCIE certificate is known to be the most important and prestigious of all networking certification in all of Information Technology.
Studying for this certification can be a challenge for most of us. Without extremely hard studying, an individual is sure to fail the exam. In fact, studies show that less than 4% of the engineers that are certified with Cisco have obtained the CCIE certification. In 2011, a study showed that only 32,300 CCIES in the entire world. This number is quite small due to how difficult the exams are to pass. Without a sheer desire to succeed, you will find this exam to be extremely difficult.

There are seven different paths that are offered by Cisco. Those seven paths are Voice, Wireless, Service Provider, Service Provider Operations, Security, Switching and Routing, and Storage Networking. Although an individual does not need to be proficient in all of these paths, it will be very beneficial down the road for them to have extensive knowledge in more than one path. The more paths that they are knowledgeable in, the more jobs they can qualify for, and the more earnings they should expect.

CCIE Training Methods

Training for the CCIE certification is very extensive and requires a considerably amount of time. This is not an exam you can bang out over a long weekend. An individual can either go to school or study using online material. Online material is a life saver for those who do not have the time to attend school. Not only is it a time saver, but some sites are also a great money saver. Websites offer not only information on the path you are interested in, but also study guides, flash cards, and reviews. Once you find the right website to help you, you can study in your spare time, or fulltime from home. The most important thing here is to choose the right school. There are many good ones out there, but they can also be expensive. If a website wants to offer you training for the CCIE for $19, you should probably keep looking.

Another type of training is video training. Technicians and teachers around the world make videos and post them on websites in order to teach people the information that they need for this certification. While some people post videos of them talking, others show graphs and diagrams to help individuals absorb the information. These videos are usually free or cheap to watch. The best method is to take notes while watching these videos in order to learn all of the material that you need. Some also offer review questions at the end of the videos to test your knowledge, and to make sure you have been paying attention.

There are some great CCIE training videos that can be found just by doing a simple search in Google and changing the search criteria to video in the top menu. Once you find a few sites, compare each one against each other and use the one that teaches you the best. Also, be sure to compare the prices if you have a few that charge. You will want to factor this in to get the best deal that you possibly can.

Training schools are another great way to learn all of the information that you need in order to pass your exam. There are training schools throughout the world that offer help with the Cisco exam for those wanting to get CCIE certified. You can also use a web browser for these schools and compile a list of possible schools to use. A few characteristics to compare are their prices, methods of teaching, days available for school, and their credibility. Be sure that the school offers the path you are most interested in as well. Most methods of teaching will be a mixture of audio and visual for each learning type.

If studying in your own spare time is not for you, then use a website with a training program. This will cost you a decent chunk of change, but it can be money well spent. Some of these programs are extensive methods of learning to make sure you not only absorb and grasp the material, but keep it in your brain as well. They combine a variety of teaching material and methods to ensure that you can pass the exam and become CCIE certified in the end.

Use CCIE Training to become certifiedThe final CCIE training method is the self-study option. This is only for the written exam and can be very difficult to do on your own. The upside is you can save a considerable amount of money and study whenever you want to. This is perfect if you have a busy job or home life and you just want to read and study at lunch or after the kids go to bed. Once again, this is not easy and it will take a very long time to accomplish if you are doing this piecemeal.

We are all limited by our budgets and the time we have available to devote to studying. All of the methods listed here will produce results, but some are far more expensive than another. Simply, the more money you spend, the quicker you will get the certification. If you have the time to take off of work, and don’t mind spending the money, I strongly recommend the instructor led CCIE training. This is the only way you know with absolute certainty that you will accomplish your goal and other things will not get in your way.

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